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Avatar Group Environmental Solutions
Avatar Group distributes sustainable environmental solutions that not only clean the air, soil and water but pay for themselves! Implementation provides a minimum return of 2:1. A Win – Win for your organization and the Planet!
Products include:
  • EuroAd - a Canadian made vegetable based fuel catalyst. It is biodegradable and turns regular fuel into a premium fuel. It improves fuel efficiency, reduces maintenance cost while extending equipment lifespan and increase savings.
  • TerraBella - a sustainable soil corrective and root inoculant. A precise balance of microbes and enzymes that promote long-term improvement in soil condition and productivity that allows for reductions in use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • AquaBella is a bio-enzyme water treatment. Dynamic blend of over 20 species of beneficial naturally occurring non-pathogenic microorganisms, which can break down and remove common contaminants from small ponds.

CoEng Advisors

CoEng Advisors provides Conservation and Demand Management solutions to municipal, industrial, commercial and multi-residential markets.  Their team provides proprietary solutions for Energy Storage, Energy Controls and Energy Management, plus supporting Advisory Services such as Peak Management, to small and medium size businesses up to multi-location large organizations.  CoEng Advisors exploits analytics in their solutions to achieve low risk, low cost, in-year ROI and in-year GHG reductions. Services are sold directly, through service contractors, and LDC's.

Hydro One

Hydro One is Canada’s largest electricity transmission and distribution service provider. Hydro One transmits and distributes electricity to over 1.3 million residential and business customers in Ontario. Service territory covers approximately 75 per cent of the province including Northern Ontario

KTECT Canada Sustainable Building Solutions
KTECT Canada SBS is a relational company that builds and collaborates with others in the provision of environmentally resourceful structures that conserve, cooperate with, and whenever possible, help to regenerate the environment that we share. We do this by creatively resourcing products that add more value than they take away.
Office of Partnerships and Innovation, Queen's University
The Queen’s Office of Partnerships and Innovation provides support and incubator space for startups, offers entrepreneurship programming, develops and promotes research partnerships with industry, governments, and not-for-profits including other academic institutions, and provides the intellectual property and commercial expertise that are needed to advance discoveries/technologies to the marketplace. We help innovators find each other. We help partners plan and execute joint projects and funding proposals. We support the regional innovation ecosystem. We protect intellectual property. We negotiate research-agreements between Queen’s and its partners, and we negotiate license agreements for technologies developed by Queen’s researchers with third-parties . We use our extensive international networks to cultivate university-to-business, university-to-government and university-to-not-for-profit engagements.

St. Lawrence College / Sustainable Energy Applied Research Centre
The Sustainable Energy Applied Research Centre (SEARC) is an applied research centre under the school of Applied Science and Computing at St. Lawrence College. SEARC’s mission is to provide applied research services to small and medium-sized enterprises in the renewable energy industry within the Eastern Ontario region. Research activities such as new product development, product improvement, prototype development, field testing, process improvement and commercialization of new products are within the scope of the work done at SEARC. The research centre leverages the resources of St. Lawrence College: faculties, staff, students and equipments to assist SMEs to become more profitable. Over the long term, SEARC aims to increase the economic development of the Eastern Ontario region and create new quality jobs based on know-how and technological innovation. This will be achieved by increasing the capacity of St. Lawrence College to transform the results of research and development (R&D) into economic activities easier and faster.



Sustainable Kingston
Sustainable Kingston’s mission is to enhance the livability and resiliency of Kingston. The organization does this by sharing knowledge and providing resources and programs that drive community action.
Sustainable Kingston’s Green Economy Kingston program is one of eight social enterprises across Ontario convening networks of businesses setting sustainability targets with the support of Sustainability CoLab. Together they’re demonstrating that a more sustainable economy is possible.
Utilities Kingston
Utilities Kingston is unique in Ontario, combining water, wastewater, gas and electrical services and a broadband fibre optics provider in one company under the leadership of a single CEO.
This structure enables the complex choreography of multiple work programs, leading to the timely and cost-effective completion of the work. Along with helping to ensure that infrastructure repairs are less disruptive to residents and businesses, one of the most obvious benefits of a multi-utility structure that has all services under one roof, is cost-savings from economies of scope. We benefit from a shared services model for activities, equipment, and systems, ranging from customer care, billing, accounting, fleet and even some operational functions.



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