Jeff Lamer

Jeff Lamer

Defence Construction Canada,

Jeff Lamer was part of DCC Trenton's team that also included National Defence and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) representatives that received NRCan's Collaborative Award in June 2015 for developing the base's Energy Master Plan.
Jeff facilitated site visits to the base and audits of its utilities, provided insight into the base, how it functions and its energy use and retrieved energy use data from utility providers.
Jeff acts as an energy advocate for the base has detailed knowledge of 8 Wing operations, building use and configuration due to his multi-year work studying and managing the base's energy costs. This knowledge significantly furthered the development and accuracy of the Energy Master Plan.
The collaborative element for which the team won the award was showcased by Jeff's work with NRCan scientists to evaluate the information gathered during the audits to ensure data accuracy. His input helped the scientists understand occupants' requirements.
The final plan will ensure 8 Wing's energy efficiency and energy security well into the future.


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