Jason Makin

Jason Makin

Cruickshank Group,

Jason Makin, Vice President, Materials and Logistics, brings over 22 years of mechanical knowledge and logistics management experience to Cruickshank. He is a detailed-oriented team player who knows how to ensure the safety, quality and productivity of operations are always maintained at the highest level.


Jason began his career with Cruickshank as the Service Division’s General Manager, a role that had him overseeing all of the equipment operations, which included planning equipment replacement, delivering renewal and maintenance strategies, and monitoring costs. Before joining Cruickshank, Jason spent over 7 years as a vehicle mechanic for the Canadian Armed Forces and then spent 13 years as a logistics manager for Toyota Motor Manufacturing. At Toyota he was responsible for overseeing the ordering, receipt and delivery of automotive parts for two separate production lines.


In his current position, Jason manages at Cruickshank construction material production and sales. He also directs the management, acquisition, disposal and maintenance of all of the company’s fixed and movable assets and properties. Jason also oversees the company’s property and environmental compliance as well as directing process development and standardization.


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